NCR 399

NCRThe NCR 399 is all the mini-computer you’ll ever need, using the new core memory.

pic-399-602That’s because the “399” meets all the individual needs of your office today – and for the future.  The same system that does your ledgers, payroll and other general accounting jobs also can handle full computing applications.  Like communications. Or serving as a satellite for a big computer systems.

You won’t have to change your ways of doing business to fit around your “399,” either, because the “399” adapts to your office.  It does the job the way you want it it done.

And with the NCR  399 you get more than just a flexible system.  You get the experience  and knowledge that’s been helping businesses like yours for more than 87 years.  Plus the solid support of thousands of NCR sales and service personnel worldwide to help get the most from your minicomputer.

For more information on why the NCR 399 is the only mini-computer your busdiness will need, phone your local NCR office.

Or write to “399” Systems, NCR, Dayton, Ohio 45479, Complete Computer Systems.