Model 1969 MGC 6 cyl

1969 MGC Roadster, 84,000 miles, 4 speed w/overdrive, $16,000.00

MGCThis MGC has a Vehicle condition rating #3 and does have some wear but is a nice example of the MGC roadster. It looks the same as the MGB except for a bubble in the hood to make room for the 6 cylinder, 2912 cc, 177.7 cubic inch engine.  It sports a 4 speed standard transmission with an overdrive. The top speed is 193 Km/h (120 mph). The engine is very similar to the Big Healey 3000. It is outfitted with Girling front disc and rear wheel drum brakes with a vacuum servo assistance. This car was not used for daily transportation but is ready for a long tours without excuses. The longest trip we had with this car was to upper New York for a show. A casual passerby will not find any visual flaws. This MGC has 84,000 miles and is fitted with chrome wire wheels. There were 4544 roadsters and 4458 GT’s built. There is an estimate of about 2,000 left on the road. This is one of the more rare 6 cylinder MG’s on the road today. “Good” is the one word description for this car.