About Us

Merritt Computer Service, INC. was founded in 1978 by it’s president Carlyle Merritt for the development of custom software to local governments and businesses in the North Iowa area.  The company was incorporated in November, 1983 under the laws of the state of Iowa. 

Merritt learned computer programming in the early 1970’s when the fertilizer business he  was in became too large for manual book keeping and a 399 computer system was purchased from NCR.   

After the sale of the local fertilizer and chemical business Merritt went into business with NCR.  They needed a programmer to install city government utilities.  

The business started with 13 city government customers.  The utility software was then developed by Merritt.  Software first operated on a NCR 399 business machine using the NEAT3 language. The utility software was later converted to COBOL by our staff to operate on main-frame systems built by Merritt Computer and sold over the Midwest. 

With the development of the PC and networking capabilities, the COBOL software was converted to these smaller systems and is still operating within windows and the COBOL language today. Custom software was later developed for other areas of business.

  • Grain elevators software (COBOL)
  • Soil Testing company software (COBOL)
  • Accounting packages for business and government (GAFR/Governmental-Accounting-and-Financial-Reporting).
  • Merritt Computer Service was the first Wireless Internet provider in the Mason City, Iowa area.
  • Merritt developed a company using Satellite technology for soil sampling.
  • Merritt Computer developed “OneTEL” , a local dial telephone company in Mason City selling local dial and long distance to business customers. The developed software in house was for gathering long distance charges from AT&T for it’s customers.
  • Merritt Computer developed software for buying cooperative companies written in a Data-Base format.